Signed copies of Their Maryland are available

Books arrived on Friday, just in time for happy hour

After a long wait, my new book is out. Supply chain delays, printer delays, etc. held it up for an extra month, but it finally got here. The wait was worth it, too! A colorized version of Alfred Waud’s sketch adorns the cover and the moon really pops out. Savas Beatie did a fantastic job with the design.

Readers – if you’d like to buy a copy, please email me at arossino at hotmail dot com or comment on this post. The cost for a signed copy is $30 plus shipping.

Author: Alex Rossino

Author and Historian

4 thoughts on “Signed copies of Their Maryland are available”

    1. Hi Jim. I have not, but Gene Thorp is deeply into writing a history of the Peninsular Campaign. He’s been working on it for several years now. I’m sure his take will be very different from what we typically read.


      1. I’m reading your book on McClellan, outstanding. I look forward to Mr thorps book. I ordered your book ” their Maryland ” looking forward to reading all your books. Thank you. Jim odonohoe

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