Lee’s Beaver Creek Plan

Here is my article on Lee’s strategy during the 1862 Maryland Campaign that appeared in the June 2022 issue of North & South magazine. N&S recently went to an all digital format due to supply chain difficulties, so I’m not certain as many people as hoped will have a chance to read the issue. I am therefore making the article available here for those who come by to visit and want to download a copy.

There are a couple of minor errors in the article that I never had the chance to correct before it went to print. N&S will be noting these corrections in its next issue.


– The date of Lee’s comments to Edward C. Gordon is February 1868, not April 1868. The erroneous date appears twice.

– The proper date in caption of the image on p. 27 should be September 12-13, 1862, not September 27. This latter date is for the issue of Harper’s Weekly the image appeared in, not the date of it’s sketching.



Lee’s Beaver Creek Plan, North & South, June 2022, Series II, Vol. 3, No. 1

Author: Alex Rossino

Author and Historian

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