Six Days in September

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Six Days in September is a gripping, fast-paced account of Robert E. Lee’s 1862 campaign to win Southern independence by carrying the war north into Maryland. The thrust across the Potomac River triggered a determined Federal response when Gen. George McClellan led the reorganized and often defeated Army of the Potomac out of Washington’s defenses in pursuit of a victory on Union soil. The resulting battles of South Mountain and Sharpsburg (Antietam) wreaked havoc on both armies, witnessed the bloodiest day in American history, and changed the course of the entire Civil War.

Deeply researched and written with close attention to the actual events, Rossino’s seamless weaving of history and fiction transports readers into the minds of the Southern generals, the torn hearts of beleaguered civilians, and the ranks of Lee’s long-suffering soldiers who endured the agonizing horrors of Civil War combat.

Six Days in September provides the best that historical fiction has to offer,” states D. Scott Hartwig, author of To Antietam Creek: The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, “capturing the drama, fear, and nail-biting tension experienced by those who participated in the momentous Confederate invasion of Maryland and the terrible Battle of Antietam.”

Rossino provides this insight, “This novelized history tells the story of the Army of Northern Virginia’s 1862 invasion Maryland from the perspective of the participants, providing readers with an inside sense of what it was like to live during those perilous days when Robert E. Lee staked the fate of his men, of his army, and of the Southern Confederacy itself on a risky battle at Sharpsburg.”


“This page-turner of a novel … provides the most vivid description I have read of the desperate plight of Southern forces [after the bloody reverses at South Mountain and Antietam].” — James M. McPherson, author of Abraham Lincoln and the Pulitzer prize-winning Battle Cry of Freedom

“I had a hard time putting this book down.” – John Michael Priest, author of Before Antietam: The Battle of South Mountain and Stand to It and Give Them Hell: Gettysburg as the Soldiers Experienced it from Cemetery Ridge to Little Round Top, July 2, 1863

“It’s a great read!”— Thomas G. Clemens, ed., The Maryland Campaign of September 1862, Vols. 1–3

Six Days in September hit my Civil War sweet spot. It is a novel, a very well written novel, but it feels like history when you read it. It feels like a very well researched and detailed history. When you combine these two facets you come up with is a great reading experience. The writing is brilliant. The characters are right out of the history books and, in the end, these characters wrote this plot. Rossino just took the time to tell their story. He did a great job.”— Ray Simmons, Reader’s Favorite

Six Days in September blew me away. It immediately stands with The Killer Angels as my favorite Civil War novels.”—Anthony R. Cox, Amazon

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